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Terms & conditions of CV Forwarder

  1. What are the specific locations for CV distribution?
    We are forwarding only in Qatar. Soon we will start give CV distribution service for other countries as well.
  2. How I will able to know that my CV has been distributed?
    You will get replies and automatic replies, Interview calls. You will received a report of read and view from us, extracted in our software. This is only proof that your CV has been distributed.
  3. I am currently employed. Can I use your service?
    When you email us, you can inform us which email address or domain name to remove from the mailing list. However, your employer may still be able to receive your CV via other email addresses that you may not be aware of as our system is quite comprehensive. Your current employer, ideally, will not be able to receive your application but we cannot guarantee this. You upload at your own risk.
  4. Can I use your service if I am not based in the Qatar?
    Yes. Most of the companies these days conduct interviews on Skype/international number for cases like yours. (You can pay the charges from your home country via Western Union, or online credit/debit card or Paypal).
  5. How many transactions are covered by one payment for CV Distribution and CV Writing?
    One payment is equivalent to one time CV distribution. If you wish to use our services again after taking first time service, we will give you QR 50 discount
  6. How many times will you send my CV to the email addresses in your database?
    Your CV will be sent to 2,000 Company Emails plus 1,000 additional for Free in our database one time, if you wish to have your CV sent again, you need to undergo the same process and make a new payment.
  7. How long shall I wait to answer to my query?
    Once you send us an email, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  8. Can I pay in advance, and ask you to keep my CV on hold until such time that I need to have it sent?
    Yes. We can process your payment and put your CV on queue and keep it on hold as per your request until you give us the go signal to send it. This ensures your CV is on top of the queue and can be readily sent out.
  9. Do you guarantee calls for interview or employment?
    No. As per our policy CV Forwarder does not give guarantee of Jobs/Interviews, but the distribution result shows that 93% of our clients get job and interview calls. We are a CV forwarder & we will forwarder your CV this is our service. We are not tied up with anyone else.
  10. How will I be contacted by prospective employers?
    We do not guarantee any calls for interview or promise any employment opportunity. However, make sure that the contact number and email address that you have provided in your CV are active, current and correct as these will be the means of communication between you and the companies who will receive your application and the reply is directly to your email.


  1. How to avail the CV distribution service?
    Send your CV at in word format including the clear copy of your picture and we will make a draft CV portfolio for your approval and payment.
  2. What is the next step after I pay 200 QR?
    One of CV Forwarder team member will send you an email that we received your 200 QR payment and we need your email confirmation and approval for the draft portfolio in order to proceed in distribution process.
  3. In how many days I will get my draft CV portfolio?
    For urgent we make CV portfolio resume in 24 hours, normally it takes 2 to 4 days.
  4. Will I get soft copy of my Professional Written Resume?
    Yes! you will have your CV cover letter upon distribution process.
  5. What if I want to change something in resume draft?
    You can put your comments, or you can also change it according to your understanding and we will rewrite it in professional way.